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 We are continually striving to offer the best for your pet, and to make him or her feel at home while they stay with us.  If you are interested in a service that is currently not on this list, please feel free to contact us about your needs.  We are happy to try to accommodate you and your pets in any way.

Day Care

Boarding Aggregate Discount – Board your dog for 7 nights in a row or longer and save 10% off normal pricing.
*Discount does not apply during holidays

Day Care Packages

10 Days of Daycare

$216.00 (Total Savings – 10%)

20 Days of Daycare

$408.00 (Total Savings – 15%)

30 Days of Daycare

$576.00 (Total Savings – 20%)

* Note: Day Care Packages do not have to be used in consecutive days. All Packages have a 6 month expiration date. 

Bath Prices

Small(5-25lbs) $30
Medium (25-50lbs) $40Large (50-80lbs) $50
Extra Large (80-110lbs) $60

Any dogs over 110lbs: please ask for pricing

Prices May vary due to breed, coat length, temperament and condition of fur
*Baths Include Ear Cleaning and Blow Dry

Nail Clipping: $15
Na il CLip and Dremel: $20
Deshedding/blowout: +$10
Deshedding/blowout without bath: $20